This is a brand new industry competency scheme that is still under development and not yet operational, we must stress, it is not a commercial product, service or training course nor is it a trade body or association.

The scheme has been divised and developed by Chris Hannam of STAGESAFE* together with prominent members of the UK Crowd Management Association and various leading event safety consultants in an attempt to raise and set industry standards and an awareness of the need for selecting and using only experienced, fully qualified, trained, competent and insured event safety advisors.  

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The scheme is built around the existing and common nationally recognised health and safety qualifications* such as NEBOSH, NCRQ and NVQ to which are added industry specific, sector skills training* in subjects such as temporary demountable structures, rigging, audio, electricity, special effects etc.

Candidates Experience and Insurance are also checked and assessed. The scheme allows career progression through three levels of competency and Continual Professional Development (CPD) on a framework that can be changed to accommodate other disiplins such as crowd management or environmental health safety management. 

The Three Levels of Competency

We are currently seeking industry support and help with this new scheme and I am delighted to say a considerable amount of interest was shown at the most recent meeting of the Safety Advisors Group in Entertainment (SAGE) and that the Production Services Association (PSA) have agreed to lend us their support.   

If you can help spread the word please direct people to this page or if you can help or advise in any other way please contact Chris on 07831 437062 or clickto email.

We are currently contacting trade bodies and associations for support, we need help and advice on how to run and administate the scheme and the funding to be to be able to run it. 

Thank you for your anticipated help and support. 

*Qualifications are not to be confused with training. You may have received training, that does not mean you are qualified. Qualifications are those listed on the â€‹Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) for England and Northern Ireland.

*Stagesafe have no commercial interest or involvement with the scheme.