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for the Live Music and Event Production Industries

Health and safety can sometimes seem like a load of time-consuming red tape – when you’re busy planning an event or tour, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of proper health and safety planning and management. 

From a risk-management perspective, it’s important not to lose sight of health and safety – what’s the point in carefully planning fun and engaging events if someone is going to become injured or, in a worst-case scenario, killed? Financial ruin and potentially criminal responsibility are neither fun nor engaging!

To help you prevent such problems and with the benefit of over 35 years' experience, STAGESAFE offers a full range of award-winning and fully professional health and safety management services to the professional live music, live event and entertainment industries.  This gives you unrivalled competence and practicality to your event. Our services are for event organisers, production and tour managers, promoters, freelancers, service companies and businesses at every level. If you don't see what you are looking for, please call us. We can provide a cost-effective service that is tailor-made for your specific needs. We can ensure that your event, tour or business meets all the necessary safety standards without restricting its production or creative values, our clients don't buy safety services by price alone, you can't compromise on safety. Our clients recognise the skills and expertise we bring to their tour, festival, event or business. Find out more about the essentials.

To be really effective, we need to be involved as a cornerstone in your event or tour at an early stage of your management planning, we need to become embedded as part of your core team, to advise on things like site suitability, planning, contractor health, and safety competence and management, we must not be a bolt-on extra towards the end of the planning stage.  

We can provide:

  • All your Health and Safety documentation including Policies, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Permits to Work, CDM documents.FIND OUT MORE
  • Crisis/Contingency/Emergency Plans. 
  • Site Planning 
  • Consultancy, Advice and CDM Compliance
  • Inspections,  Audits and Accident Investigation 
  • The Stagesafe Health and Safety Development Program for service and hire companies in the music and events industries FIND OUT MORE
  • Safety Training
  • Event or Business Competent Safety Advisers (Chartered Consultants as a minimum) FIND OUT MORE.
  • Inductions FIND OUT MORE
  • Premises (Event) License Application Coordination
  • Contractor Safety Competency Assessments
  • Establishing and Implementing Contractor Safety Management FIND OUT MORE
  • Working as part of the Emergency Liaison Team and/or Safety Advisory Group          

It is important to understand that we can only provide a consultancy and advisory service, we can show you and help you with everything you need to do to become and remain legally compliant but we can't do it all for you. There may well be small changes that you may need to make to the way in which you and your staff operate, there will be paperwork and forms that will need completing just to be legal and compliant, these are usually part of the regulations, the law, and we don't make the law we simply show you how to be legal and comply with the minimum amount of changes and paperwork but we can't get rid of it all. We maintain the same standards throughout, to be compliant with health and safety regulations and law you have to work to the legal minimum standards regardless of the size and scale of your event, business or tour and we can't change or lower those standards just to make life easier for you. If we lower standards and there is a problem then it may cause you serious issues you really don't want.      

It's not difficult to put in place all the required management systems and other basic requirements of a compliant safety management system but it does require some effort and expense from you, after the initial effort and expense it's easy and very cheap to maintain and we can help you every step of the way. Is it time you took that first step? Call 07831 437062 now! 

Our Price Promise

We will always endeavour to match or beat any "like for like" quote from an equally qualified safety advisor. Just send us an original copy of the best quote you have received and we will do our best to match or beat it. Please note that is not our policy to produce brochures or price lists as every client has different requirements. Prices are by quotation or daily rate where (as is often the case) it is not possible to provide a quote as we cannot calculate in advance how much time the project or job will require. 

Let STAGESAFE help take care of your here to contact us today or call 07831 437062 now!

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